Our Sustainability Goals






Gender Equality


Decent work and
economic growth

While SOUK Farms vision is to be at the forefront of pioneering innovation to improve agriculture sustainability in Africa. We believe that all our processes have made us successful and should always be sustainable in an effort to ensure our customers around the world receive the highest quality produce from our farms in Rwanda.

We have three pillars that drive these goals:

  • SOUK Farms provides good quality seeds, and chemical inputs to all our Outgrowers. This enables them grow high value export crops such as chillies and French beans, thus enabling a three fold revenue increase compared to growing subsistence crops such as maize and beans.
  • Through regular training of our smallholder farmers on water and soil conservation, and good agricultural practices, our farmers have observed an average of 30% increase in crops yields, whilst reducing water usage by upwards of 40%.
  • More than 70% of our entire workforce are female. Our targeted hiring strategy ensures we employ highly competent women across our operations in order to close the gender gap in the agriculture sector.

Our Outgrowers

Our farm-to-table concept continues to be very appealing to local farmers and out growers and by directly teaming with them, SOUK Farms allows many farmers and workers to experience financial stability. Through this we are contributing in putting money back into the community and the local economy.

In addition to that, this partnership means all the produce coming from our farms is fresh. We have been using ingenious sourcing structures by creating transparent relationships that foster greater sustainability. At the core of our business, we work with farmers to provide them an opportunity to develop their enterprises through us.